Artist Statement

Have you ever been lying on a boat in the Caribbean when the sun is coming up seeing nothing but the green of the water for miles, possibly spots of boats far off and floating? Or, have you sat on a hill above a verdant pasture near the edge of Lake Champlain when the water is still and the sun is moving lower in the sky behind you?

My paintings are inspired by the Vermont landscape and the Caribbean Sea. I live on a small Lake Champlain island sheep farm with winter months spent on a sail boat in the Caribbean. One series of work mainly comes from the visual pleasures of the underwater world of colorful corals and my adventures scuba diving and snorkeling. Walks near mossy, lush green woods with giant ferns growing beside a path, water reflecting the blue of the sky and small patterns of myriad colors inspired the series of fern paintings.

I have been involved in the arts since 1985 as a professional artist, arts activist and arts administrator, exhibiting widely in Vermont, for the past 22 years and more recently in the Caribbean. Also, I was formerly a director of the Shelburne Craft School, education director of Frog Hollow, and president of the Vermont Women’s Caucus for Art.